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Link Building: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Search engine professionals strive hard to ace their rankings in Google SERPs. However, the exact algorithm based on which google ranks is not fully known to anyone.

Which makes it tricky to understand that which SEO practice could potentially benefit your site’s ranking the most.

From optimizing keywords to boosting page loading speed all the SEO strategies are deemed to hold equal significance!

Among these practices also lies the secret SEO tactic ‘link building’ which can act as a cash cow for your website in bringing clicks.

To know more about what link building is, its significance, and the different ways through which it can be practiced read the guide till the end!

What exactly is link building?

Link building is the activity of getting other websites to link back to your website.

Online businesses and marketers seek link building as a strategy to boost their authority and domain in Google as well as public eyes.

One could either earn links naturally by producing such high-quality content that other websites are forced to mention your site’s link.

But others would incline towards manipulative and spammy tactics to buy low-quality links. The best-suggested route is to earn these links through your hard work and by establishing connections.

Because good quality links are seen as testimonials of worthwhile content and unnatural linking patterns don’t offer much help.

Importance of link building

Link building is essential because it helps google discover new pages and also helps determine which web pages are worthy to be ranked.

A website with dense and standard links has a fairly high chance to rank than those that don’t.

So, to stand out among the crowd of your competitor’s backlinks is crucial as google might completely ignore a webpage with no backlinks as compared to the opposite.

Also, link building helps you target relevant audiences from your niche and organic traffic indicates a healthy website!

6 proven link building strategies

1. Get active on social media

One of the easiest link-building practices is to get started on social media platforms.

 Whether you are new to such communities, you can start by sharing updates of your brands and by engaging in conversations with your audience.

Social media influencers can also be a huge help in this regard if you reach out to them requesting to promote your service because this will lead their crowd in the form of backlinks to you.

Also to ensure your optimal visibility on social media makes sure to add the link to your site in the bio of all your social media accounts.

2. Do some guest blogging

This link-building factor has been debated to either be helpful or useless in link-building strategy.

The truth is that guest posting if done correctly with the right intent can undoubtedly attract a lot of organic traffic.

Before you even begin with it, make certain that the blog you are posting for is both of high authority and is relevant to your domain.

And secondly, your primary intent should not be of attracting leads to your site but rather it should be of providing authentic and quality information or case study.

Still be vary while going for it, because poorly written content can generate a bad reputation and can further be damaging.

3. Generate infographics

When it comes to link building visual images and summarised graphics can do the trick that textual content can not.

Infographics are graphical representations of data or information that intend to present information quickly and creatively.

Stats indicate that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read and articles with infographics earn 178% more links!

So, this SEO strategy shouldn’t be looked down upon.

To create infographics you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer and tools like Canva, Reddit, and daily infographics can support you in making one.

4. Restore broken links

Leveraging from broken links is a strategy ideal for those who don’t have the time to produce new content by guest posting or blogging.

All you need to do for this process is to find websites with broken links that are relevant to your niche.

Once identified, politely reach out to the webmaster through email and pitch them content from your site as a replacement.

This simple practice allows you to get backlinks from the audience of that very webmaster. The best part? It takes little to no effort!

5. Expand your brand

No matter how outstanding your business might be people won’t know of it unless you promote yourself.

To do so, you need to produce blogs, podcasts, or interviews to market your thoughts and ideas to the customer.

 This strategy is better than requesting links because all you need to do is to produce some extra effort in producing valuable content and links will follow you naturally.

Just make certain to produce content that is unbeatable by your competitors and keep your blog alive. Links will follow you!

6. Duplicate your competitor’s links

There’s nothing better than keeping an eye on your competitors and imitating their link-building strategies.

By studying their keywords and backlink websites and replicating the same ideas you can easily rank close to them in google search engine result pages.

Multiple tools like ahref, backlink gap and uber suggest can assist you to learn the backlink domain of your competitor’s websites.

This competitor analysis can also help you understand how content similar to yours is performing in the market.

Final takeaway

Link building is a noteworthy strategy that can give you a good boost in your Google SERPs. However, like any other SEO tip, this technique also needs consistent effort and persistence.

By using all the above-mentioned tools including social media marketing, blogging, and restoring broken links earning links can be made easy.

While doing so, keep in mind that your goal is not to ‘build’ links but instead to ‘earn’ them considering the requirements of your people.

Hopefully, this guide has leveraged you in the understanding of link building!

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