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6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Invest In Link Building!

Did you know that according to SEO experts link building is the third most important SEO optimization tool?

Sounds insane right? Because we all have heard of terms like keyword optimization and enhancing technical SEO. But link building often gets overlooked.

In the past years, many have doubted the importance of link building because of people using spammy methods to gain links. But the reality is that it can do a lot for your business if done properly and genuinely.

The Google algorithm is super smart to detect fraudulent activities and also notices authentic link mentions.

So, you simply need to choose a smart link-building formula and give your business a touch of class!

Below you will get to learn what link building is and the benefits it can yield for your company.

What is link building?

Just as the name suggests link building is the process of securing a link on an independent webpage back to your website.

Webmasters, SEOs, and marketers use link-building strategies to increase organic traffic to their websites.

Because Google ranks websites depending on the quality of links it contains so a website having links from a credible authority increases the chances to rank.

On the contrary, a website with no links might get completely unnoticed by google.

However, your goal while gaining links shouldn’t just be to increase the number of links but rather focus on the relevance of the website you are getting links from.

A few links from a noteworthy website are always better than a bunch of others taken from a low authority one.

Why should you invest in link building?

1. Increases brand awareness

Earning high authority links can prove as a game-changer for your business.

 Imagine getting a mention from reputed blogs or magazines like Forbes, entrepreneur, or Inc. that have a massive audience pool.

This opportunity can turn all of their audience towards your website and the number could be in thousands or even more.

While these people might not become your customers from the get-go but they for sure will become aware of your existence as a credible service.

When striving for links do not brush off the importance of the quality and relevance of the target website because it determines how your brand will be perceived in the public eye.

2. Develops referral traffic

Link building is often thought of as a tool to boost your SEO, which is the truth. But its benefits don’t end there.

The audience visiting your links might end up clicking on them and eventually also become your customers which brings you business profit.

The good thing about this advantage is that it can also be precisely measured.

 If you know your average conversion rates, you can easily analyze the increased conversion through those links by using google analytics.

As mentioned above link building is directly correlated to SEO, and SEO is intertwined with improved ranking this, in turn, increases your organic traffic and conversion.

3. Enhances search rankings

Anyone with a website wants organic traffic and better results in Google SERPS. The good news is that links assist you in achieving this goal!

The number and quality of inbound and outbound links are directly related to your domain authority and google prioritizes pages with high domain authority.

This improved domain authority of your page will cause your page to rank high in the relevant queries.

While Google’s exact algorithm to rank is not fully known to any, link building is a proven strategy that is believed to help.

4. Boosts business credibility

Earning trust and credibility on a competitive search engine like google isn’t easy and can take years.

Google keeps revising its ranking algorithm and hence attaining a decent domain authority can be a challenge.

Links, however, act as votes of confidence from a third party and google considers such websites as high authority.

The more quality links pointing to you let Google know that you are a big shot.

To attain this credibility you need to focus on getting quality outbound links. Only 5 links from a worthwhile website can do the job that hundreds of links from any random website won’t!

5. Improved business relationships

Another noteworthy reason to build links is that you get to expand your relations with people within your niche.

Establishing such relations act as a two-way street for both you and your connections in generating authority and traffic.

Moreover, connecting with like-minded people of your niche helps to learn new ideas from experienced individuals to attain a successful level you wish to achieve.

The trick here is to work on your communication skills and pitch your content to these people in an enticing way that they see some value in linking you on their website.

This could either be a blog post or a niche-related infographic you could present to them as a reward for accepting your request.

6. Long Term sustainability

Speaking of marketing strategies, you could advertise yourself by using conventional paid ads.

But it is important to consider that these ads function only as long as you fund them. Once the course ends, you either have to update the advertisement with the same pattern or with a few tweaks.

Links on the other hand are easy on your wallet and are more sustainable because they keep bringing clicks and customers while they stay live on the digital landscape.

Hence, links are long-term a term value that doesn’t stay for just a few days, it could be a matter of months or even years!


Now that the meaning and advantages of building links for SEO are all understood, it is time for you to practice these tips and see your website grow.

Like any other SEO strategy, link building as well can be complex and requires proper understanding.

Also, you shouldn’t expect overnight drastic results with links and be consistent with the process.

With determination and hard work, you will reap the benefits for sure!

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